Internships at Ida Lillie

Ida Lillie Psychotherapy and Wellness offers graduate-level internship experiences. We are accepting applications until 11:59p on February 19, 2023.

2023-2024 Internship Program


Ida Lillie Psychotherapy and Wellness is a telehealth, outpatient private practice based in Chicago, Illinois. We are a group of skilled clinicians dedicated to creating space for the wellness of marginalized communities through thoughtful, evidence-based care. Ida Lillie graduate interns participate in one full year of training, from July 2023 – June 2024. With the support and supervision of clinical supervisors, interns will provide 500 hours of direct clinical services (individual therapy, couples/relational therapy, family therapy).

Ida Lillie offers a thoughtful and intentional internship experience. We are passionate about providing training which encourages the clinician to explore their understanding of themselves, while gaining training highlighting deconstruction of white supremacy and emphasizing anti-racism.

Graduate interns are expected to spend 20-24 hours per week engaged in clinical services, supervision, administrative task completion, and coordination of care for clients, in addition to monthly training, consultation groups, and Ida Lillie staff meetings.

The internship year culminates in a capstone presentation for Ida Lillie staff members, during which interns will facilitate a 1 hour case conceptualization related to their clinical work with a case throughout the course of their training year.


  • Full year of clinical training (July 2023 – June 2024)
  • 500 hours of clinical service experience (individual, couples/relational, family psychotherapy)
  • Weekly individual supervision from a clinically licensed therapist (LCPC), resulting in 48-50 clinical supervision hours
  • Weekly group supervision with fellow interns, facilitated by a clinically licensed therapist (LCPC), resulting in 70-75 clinical supervision hours
  • Monthly core competency trainings, resulting in approximately 22 hours of clinical training
  • Capstone presentations- 1 hour case conceptualization related to clinical work completed with an individual, couple, or family client throughout the course of the training year


  • Completion of all academic requirements necessary to engage in clinical field placement (specific to student’s graduate program)
  • Ability to be in placement for a full year (July 2023 – June 2024)
  • Flexible schedule, with an ability to commit to 4 “peak hours” of direct clinical service (weekday evenings or Saturdays). We understand interns are often working outside of their internship, however we also expect your commitment to Ida Lillie to be prioritized
  • Commitment to the values of Ida Lillie
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Willingness to internalize the practice of cultural humility 
  • Passion for prioritizing marginalized communities 
  • Strong work ethic 

Application Process

Your application process: We are accepting applications until 11:59pm CST on February 19, 2023. Due to the high volume of applications, we will not be able to accept late submissions. An initial review of applications will determine those candidates who will be invited to a written interview. A review of written interview answers will determine those candidates who will be invited to join us for interviews. Final decisions will be made by mid March.

Our Mission

We share the lived experience many marginalized folks have in this world where our voices aren’t heard, respected, valued, or uplifted. Centuries of systematic disenfranchisement and oppression have fostered distrust, stigma, and difficulties with access to the pursuit of wellness. Ida Lillie offers a space to recognize the damage and disservice this has done to our communities, while also creating space for embodied change in our patients.