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Our blog at Ida Lillie delves into a wide array of wellness topics, showcasing the practical application of evidence-based care in our daily lives. Drawing from our rich ancestral wisdom, we curate content that inspires and empowers, fostering a community dedicated to holistic health and well-being.

How to support LGBTQ+ patients

Happy Pride month, everyone! As a queer affirming therapist, I have worked with the LGBTQ+ community for over a decade and have learned the importance of having the knowledge and tools to properly support the queer community. Here are a few tips that can be...

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Battling with Body Image

It can be difficult to feel content in your body, particularly when living in our culture which insists bodies need constant monitoring and modification. Between social media scrolling, comments from others about their bodies, and potentially your own negative self-talk, it seems as if this...

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Ida Lillie

We share the lived experience many marginalized folks have in this world where our voices aren’t heard, respected, valued, or uplifted. Centuries of systematic disenfranchisement and oppression have fostered distrust, stigma, and difficulties with access to the pursuit of wellness. Ida Lillie offers a space to recognize the damage and disservice this has done to our communities, while also creating space for embodied change in our patients.