Wellness for Black & Brown folks

Promoting liberated Black and Brown health through evidence based mental health care

About Us

We are a group of skilled clinicians dedicated to creating space for the wellness of Black and Brown communities through thoughtful, evidence based care. We are a Black, woman led practice, and are named Ida Lillie after our founders’ grandmothers as our way of honoring our ancestors.

Our Services

We offer services focused on promoting liberated Black and Brown wellness through evidence based care.


Individual psychotherapy

50 minute, virtual, private psychotherapy sessions


Relationship psychotherapy

50 minute, virtual, private psychotherapy sessions for couples/ polycules


Case and diagnostic support for individual clinicians and group practices


Variety of training opportunities for individual clinicians and organizations

Our Mission

We share the lived experience many Black and Brown folks have in this world where our voices aren’t heard, respected, valued, or uplifted. Centuries of systematic disenfranchisement and oppression have fostered distrust, stigma, and difficulties with access to the pursuit of wellness. Ida Lillie offers a space to recognize the damage and disservice this has done to our communities, while also creating space for embodied change in our patients.